UNREST : A Factory Record (Teenbeat 7", 1991).

I was an avid follower of Unrest back in the 90s, & though their slew of releases on Teenbeat (curated by the band's own Mark Robinson, a serious Fac head) & 4AD never quite propelled them to the giddy apogees of adulation that I'd expected there still appears to be a healthy consolidation of affection for them. Mark's fascination with the minutiae of Factory's back catalogue resulted in a plethora of playful Fac references in the Teenbeat catalogue, the most conspicuous of which was this excellent 4-song EP with it's slavishly constructed samizdats of Crispy Ambulance, ESG, Crawling Chaos & Miaow numbers. A Factory Record was released on lilac 7" by Sub Pop in March 1991 as part of their subscriber-only Singles Club (#29). Limited edition, long gone. Never reissued. Too bad.

Fac off

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