NICO & THE FACTION : Live at Gaskessell, Bern, Switzerland - 28th November 1986 (Cassette recording).

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"I don't have a home. (On my passport) it says "ohne festern Wohnsitz", which means "without a fixed address". And I prefer that, because it's like being married when you have a home. God, it's terrible. I lived on a ship, but I don't live there anymore. I live in Brixton now. Hell's Kitchen on the Lower East Side in New York is much more dangerous. When you live in a dangerous place, you also become increasingly dangerous. You might just wind up in jail.

I grew up on opera with my mother taking me when I was a child & it sort of got branded in my brain. But I always preferred jazz already, as a young adolescent I preferred jazz,  free jazz. I met Bob Dylan & he sort of changed the idea that I had that I should only sing torrid, torrid songs, you know, love songs. I started singing Bob Dylan songs - when I was on three Ready, Steady, Go! shows in England, two Dylan songs & one Gordon Lightfoot song. (Dylan) sang me a number of songs when he used to baby-sit for my son, & so I asked him if I could have if I could sing that song, he sent me a demo with the melody & the lyrics. Dylan's manager, Albert (Grossman) bought me a ticket & said I should come over there (to America). That's how I met Andy again, whom I'd met previously in Paris. I only wanted to be with the underground people, I wasn't interested in fashion anymore, & I also had studied acting with Lee Strasberg, which helped me a lot to sort of discover myself like all young people always have to discover themselves.

(Jim Morrison), he was my soul brother. He taught me to write songs. I never thought that I could. He really inspired me a lot. It was like looking in a mirror then. Musically, I might get inspired by Egyptian music, & some Pakistani music. Arab music. I love Arabic music. Music like Philip Glass, Stockhausen, Steve Reich, I love that too. I want to write more songs in India. I'll stop there for a month. Then I have to go to England & continue singing. I would have liked to have gone to the Amazon river, just sail along & record my record there with the drumming..." - Extracts from an interview by Steven Walker, Melbourne, 19th February 1986.

Set-list: My Heart is Empty / Purple Lips / Procession / Harry Hudson / Janitor of Lunacy / König / Frozen Warnings / You Forgot to Answer / I'll Be Your Mirror / Tanamore / Eulogy to Lenny Bruce /
Fearfully in Danger / Genghis Khan.

Das lied vom einsamen mädchen


  1. Anonymous8.6.15

    Nice to see you're posting stuff on here again - yours is always an interesting selection. Thanks for that.

  2. Anonymous9.7.15

    Belated thanks for this great concert from the still criminally underrated Nico - wish I had been there. And best wishes to your reanimated self - Michael

  3. Thanks for your kind words, Michael. :)