ROBERT FRIPP : Mark Radcliffe session - 12th November 1996 / Robert Reads Hardy - 15th December 1996 (Radio broadcasts).

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On the one hand, the lifespan of this post may only amount to a matter of scant minutes as Herr Fripp is notoriously exacting with regard to copyright (& who can blame him, it's his livelihood after all?). On the other, all of these tracks were originally recorded for the BBC & have been "officially" released in the past as digital loss leaders c/o King Crimson's own DGM website. So who knows, perhaps he'll turn a blind eye on this occasion?

Performed live on 12th November 1996 for Mark Radcliffe's Evening Show (at the Beeb's since-demolished Oxford Road studio in Manchester), these 4 relatively brief (but nonetheless remarkable) Frippertronic exercises are book-ended by amusing & enlightening chats with stand-in host Stuart Maconie, Radcliffe & his his sidekick Lard (ex-Creeper Marc Riley) both having cryptically absented themselves on the night in question.

Fripp appeared on Radcliffe's show again the following month, reciting a quartet of Thomas Hardy readings in his rhotic Dorset burr for broadcast on 15th December, accompanied by his own gentle ambient soundscapes. Apparently only a couple of the poems were used on the night, but I've been able to include the complete set here - thanks once more to DGM's cavernous annals - with Robert's own potty-mouthed introductions intact.

If you're so inclined, a dumbfounding myriad of King Crimson & Fripp-related paraphernalia (including hundreds of hours of historical recordings unavailable elsewhere) are available from DGM's vast & constantly expanding archive. I recommend you peruse Robert's minutely detailed online diary while you're there, though sadly it only seems to updated sporadically nowadays.

● Horse Trumpets


  1. One of my guitar heroes for sure. Haven't heard either of these so will have to download them sharpish if Fripp's as eagle eyed & unforgving as you suggest...

  2. I posted his long out-of-print God Save The Queen LP (one of his best I think?) on here a few years ago & it was removed "by request" 3 times... so I gave up in the end.

    ... And it's STILL out-of-print, of course. ;)